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Acumen Online is a New Zealand based company that specializes in website software solutions, integrating websites into back-end management systems. This project consists of a website where clients can set up their own shop system in a few easy steps, and the initial web shop theme that gets rolled out to new customers. This functions as a starting point for individual adjustments and has a strong focus on product presentation and shop elements. For this purpose, we created a site that informs about the system behind it and gives simple explanations to a complex topic.

A customizable theme

All new web shops get rolled out with a custom build and highly adaptable theme. It is focused on product presentation and a seamless shopping experience, while maintaining usability and a clean look.

Extensive product library

The theme offers flexible filter possibilities and the option to interact with products without leaving the overview page. Interaction options cover a gallery and different style options, likes, comparison of multiple products, and for wholesale customers the possibility to see past orders, warehouse stock, and bulk savings.

From registration to live site

The system is designed to run fully automatic, while giving customers the ability to adjust and tweak most of the settings. The setup starts with a registration page that already collects basic information for the future site to recommend packages. The next step is the autoprovisioning setup, where customers make adjustments to their hosting plan and the software used. All settings are thoroughly explained and displayed to make this step easy even for customers not used to configuring web servers.

The Dashboard

After the site is created, customers can use the dashboard to monitor their account and server and have the ability to tweak its settings or spin up additional sites.

Acumen Online
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