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Tile Space is New Zealand’s most prominent distributor of tiles based in Auckland. This is a complete relaunch of their website to accommodate the growth in customers the company had in recent years.

Because of the growing amount of products in their portfolio, the website reached a point where the customer had a hard time browsing through all the different kinds of tiles. With the old, drop down based, sorting and filter mechanism it got increasingly difficult to get an overview of the available products. In addition to this, the client wanted a new and more modern look for their website while maintaining the basic layout and design so existing customers can easily find their way around.

To achieve this, I opted to drastically increase the white space to get a more modern and clean look. I added little wrap-around effects to elements to give the site more depth and break the otherwise very clean and rigid layout. To guide the customer and offer quick and easy access to the different types, styles, sizes, colors, prices, and shapes I implemented a new, more engaging, filter menu for the whole tile range.

To suit the new look of the page, I launched a redesigned order confirmation mail that provides a clean overview of the order and lets the customer jump to their account to make last minute adjustments.

Tile Space
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