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Südtirol, Germany's southernmost province, wanted to make the area more appealing to tourists and inform about their culture, human diversity, and way of life.

Large pictures, galleries, and lots of videos

We created a site that showcases people and stories from this diverse and culturally rich province. Large pictures, galleries, and lots of videos make the site engaging and invite the viewer to browse and get lost in the beautiful stories.

‘Die Käseaktie’ is one of the stories on the site. It tells the story of a farmer who uses crowdfunding to realize his ideal farming and cheese-making business. The story offers background information to relevant topics like crowdfunding, milk and cheese making between the text sections to encourage the user to read on and browse the site.

Mobile adaption

On mobile, the site retains the large images and clean text layout. The design invites scrolling along and explore the individual stories.

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